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Welcome to our Tech and Gadgets section. Our gadget-related posts have been moved to

2015.08.28 - A4Tech PK-810G, anti-glare low-light webcam
2015.08.28 - Logitech H340, affordable USB microphone headset
2015.10.06 - Alcatel brings us excellent mobigraphy with its new Flash 2 camera
2015.12.07 - Review of the Holga HL-N for Nikon... unboxing, hack and samples

2016.01.18 - Review of the Vivitar 28mm f/2 wide angle lens by Kiron (Nikon N/AI Mount)
2016.01.18 - Review of the Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5 - f/5.6 VR2 lens

2016.02.25 - Announcement of my new blog 'Photo Journal By Rattus Yu'

Special section for the Cherry Mobile Me Vibe:

Special section for the Nikon D5200:
2015.08.18 - Nikon D5200... unboxing and rant
2015.09.20 - Battery/Grip, petal lens hood, filters and macro extension tube for Nikon D5200
2015.10.06 - Unboxing: Tripod, lapel microphone and square filter set

Special section for the Lenovo A7000 Plus:
2015.09.26 - Lenovo A7000 Plus now available exclusively via Lazada Philippines
2015.09.30 - Lenovo A7000 unboxing and review, Part 1 'Overview and inspection'
2015.09.30 - Lenovo A7000 unboxing and review, Part 2 'Benchmark, camera and performance'
2015.09.30 - Lenovo A7000 unboxing and review, Part 3 'Customizations and conclusion'

Special section for Urbanista headphones:
2015.10.19 - Press Release... Urbanista to launch in the Philippines on October 22nd
2015.10.22 - Urbanista Philippines launch event at Chef and Brewer
2015.10.22 - Unboxing and review of Urbanista headphone 'Oslo'
2015.10.22 - Urbanista headphones variants and complete product specifications

Special Section for Review of the Nikon D5200...
2016.01.17 - Part 1, Introduction and Specifications
2016.01.17 - Part 2, Features
2016.01.17 - Part 3, Exposure Modes
2016.01.17 - Part 4, Software and Tools
2016.01.17 - Part 5, Lenses and Conclusion


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