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Lady Rattus Scribbles

Personal Reflections
2016.07.28 - Bloggers need protection from hatred, prejudice and discrimination... TOO!
2017.03.13 - I'm Tired of Being Ugly, I want to Be Beautiful Too... WHY CAN'T I GET SURGERY?
2017.03.13 - Pickpocket in LRT Blumentritt, Pedestrians Beware!
2017.07.16 - I'm Excited To Be Reborn As Your New Baby!
2017.07.17 - A Poem Calling For People To Stop Bullying Me
2017.08.18 - Fuck You To All The Bashers with Crab Mentality
2017.08.20 - If Being Sexy Is A Crime, Then I'm A Smooth Criminal
2017.08.31 - Avoid EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE For International Parcels
2017.11.07 - Thinking About My Own Death; Gwyneth Jones and Joan Sutherland Birthday
2017.12.23 - Please Use Your Camera Phones Responsibly, Not As Tools For Blackmail!
2018.01.15 - Why Does It Always Take PhilPost Forever To Deliver A Notification!

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Beauty Events
(I have deleted most of my events!)
2013.09.29 - BDJ Primp & Prettify + PAC Workshop @ SM North EDSA

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