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Lady Rattus Ratzilla

Hi bhella bhes! I mentioned earlier that Ratzilla would be coming. So now it's here in our blog. I'm migrating all of my pet rat posts from another blog into this one simply because it's easier for you to find everything in one place instead of just going to different sites. 

2011.09.20 - The Rattus 'University Tour'

2014.04.14 - Train your rats to love water and prevent heat stroke
2014.04.27 - Barley for your rats, great source of carbs
2014.07.16 - Thor the wild rat's 1st birthday
2014.07.17 - Thoriel, my giant Wild x Wild rat
2014.07.21 - The shocking truth about rat sounds revealed
2014.08.18 - Pet rats in the Philippines, a quick survey from birth to death
2014.08.23 - Other animals also carry lepto, no need for fear in pet rats
2014.11.04 - Thoriel takes a nap in a quiet spot in my bedroom

2015.01.03 - Memory trip to Cartimar Pet Center
2015.01.12 - Hamster Club PH 1st anniversary invite for January 24
2015.01.18 - Thoriel and Agatha 1st birthday January 10
2015.01.24 - Pet Rats PH at the HCP 1st Anniversary Pet Fair
2015.01.31 - Goro turns 27 months old, my longest living rat so far
2015.02.01 - Pet Rats PH invades Pet City in BGC
2015.02.15 - Standardization of pet rat prices
2015.02.15 - Valentine's pet haul from Pet Express Philippines
2015.02.01 - Pet Rats PH to make appearance at the upcoming BKP event
2015.02.28 - Pet Rats PH at the BKP Exotic Pets Expo
2015.03.15 - Helpless rat to be killed on March 24 using smartphone and keyboard tech
2015.04.09 - Invitation to KEEP's Exotic 101 Pet Expo at Z Square Mall, April 18-19

2015.10.29 - Rats fishing for barley... part 2 2015.11.25 - Macro and portrait photography with Thoriel the wild rat

2015.12.11 - New litter from Milan!
2015.12.16 - Milan and Gaston's wild rat litter, Day 4 and 6 (hair growth on pink skin)
2015.12.24 - Milan and Gaston's wild rat litter, Day 13 and 14 (open eyes!)
2015.12.30 - Milan and Gaston's wild rat litter, Day 20 (already eating solid food)

2016.01.10 - Agatha and Thoriel's 2nd birthday
2016.07.25 - Ernie and Bernie, Play Fighting on Their First Day in Their New Home

2017.03.20 - Scientists Decipher The Laughter in Rats

2017.06.15 - When A Cat Steals Food From A Rat
2017.08.26 - Caretaker Rats For Hire!


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