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Lady Rattus Music
Gwyneth Jones as Venus

Welcome to our music page! Alot of the sounds here are my remastering of old broadcast recordings from other sources. It is a labor of love to restore them as close as possible to its original nuances. Enjoy!
2016.04.25 - RARE! Leonie Rysanek as Elektra in the Richard Strauss opera 'Elektra'
2016.04.27 - Gwyneth Jones stars as Venus and Elisabeth in Richard Wagner's 'Tannhauser'
2016.04.27 - Gwyneth Jones stars as Brunnhilde in Richard Wagner's 'Twilight of the Gods'
2016.12.04 - Gwyneth Jones sings Norma (1996), My 80th Birthday Tribute

2017.01.19 - Gwyneth Jones as Elektra, Chrysothemis and Klytemnestra
2017.01.25 - Turandot 1985, The Original Alfano Ending (Gwyneth Jones, Nicola Martinucci)
2017.01.25 - Jean Marie Darre Plays Saint-Saens' Piano Concerto 1-5 and Septet
2017.01.25 - A Leonie Rysanek Screamfest Megamix
2017.01.31 - Gwyneth Jones in Poulenc's Voix Humaine (2007)
2017.07.09 - Madonna 1985 Hits Remastered
2017.07.13 - Astrid Varnay and Leonie Rysanek Murders Res Rischer
2017.07-14 - Astrid Varnay Gets The Last Laugh at Ursula Schroeder-Feinen
2017.08.19 - Please Help Us Keep Alive The Memory of Leonie Rysanek
2017.08.23 - Leonie Rysanek as Desdemona (excerpts from 1964, New York)
2017.08.25 - I Stopped Buying CD's 10 Years Ago, Now I'm Buying CD's Again
2017.08.31 - Gwyneth Jones as Lady MacBeth (Sung in English), Available from Opera Depot
2017.09.06 - Elektra 1953: Varnay, Rysanek, Fischer, Hotter, Melchert, Kraus
2017.09.14 - Il Trovatore, Vienna 1966 (Jones, Cossotto, McCracken, Sereni, Vinco)
2017.09.16 - AIDA Sung in German, Vienna 1955 (Rysanek, Madeira, Hopf, London, Frick)
2017.09.30 - Unboxing of Richard Strauss' ELEKTRA, Live Recording from Vienna 1965
2017.10.22 - Jean Madeira's Final Opera Performance, As Klytemnestra (1971)
2017.11.17 - Gwyneth  Jones and Leonie Rysanek in Richard Strauss' Elektra, Geneva 1990
2017.11.14 - Inge Borkh, Leonie Rysanek and Jean Madeira in Strauss' Elektra, 1961


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