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Who is Rattus?

Rattus is a 30-something mother to a lovely bunch of pet rats, and she has an appetite that’s much larger than her toothpick-slim body. Featuring events, brands and products is one of the things she loves to do for her blog.

She wields a Nikon D5200 to film videos and take photographs of beauty products, gadgets, flowers, animals, landscape and other stuff.

When she’s not writing or editing, she’s busy having quality time with her rats, listening to insanely loud opera music, or swatching makeup from the beauty stores.

= = = = = Get in touch with us = = = = =

Welcome to our PR-friendly blog. This blog primarily covers beauty, food, music, tech and events but we also like to cover other stuff. It would be awesome if we can collaborate for sponsorship, event invites or products for feature, you may contact me by filling up the form below.

**We have a high volume of articles to write, photographs to take, videos to edit and electricity to consume. We're doing our best to accommodate requests, but would really appreciate even just a small token in return. Thanks for understanding!**

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Google+: Rattus Choki




Twitter: @rattuschoki

Email: rattuschoki(at)gmail(dot)com

Skype: rattus.choki

Mobile: 0915-951-1083 (Globe)

= = = = = Statistics = = = = =

Our blog isn't huge, but for those who are requesting for stats:

Blog Owner: Rattus Yu
Created on: September 2010
Main Categories: Beauty, Food, Music, Pet Rats, Tech

Blog average daily visitors: 1,900
Blog average monthly visitors: 40,000

Blog Followers (Google Friend Connect): 250+
FaceBook Followers: 1,800+ (1,200 Total Weekly Reach)
Twitter Followers: 400+
YouTube Followers: 700+

Klout: 62 (The average score is 40)
Top Blogs PH: #17 (Our record high, thanks to all of our supporters!)

The average score is 40. Users with a score of 64 are in the top 5% of all Klout users.

= = = = = About this blog = = = = =

Rattus began her blogging journey on September of 2010 and founded her pet rat blog. The goal was to use blogging as a platform for her advocacy to promote love and positive image for rats as pets, since nobody was aware about them at the time this blog was founded.

Afterward, ‘Beauty on a Shoestring Budget’ (the former name of this blog) was founded in November 2011. It was primarily dedicated to product reviews and beauty-related articles. ‘Lamon Kronicles’ (food blog) and ‘Rattus Scribbles’ (random topics not related to beauty, pet rats or food) followed on 2012.

Starting October 2013, all the separate blogs were integrated into a single blog and re-branded to 'Lady Rattus'. 

 = = = = = Rattus' Pet Rats = = = = =

With more than 5 years of experience handling pet rats, I assure you that they have very good temperament and are very sweet. Some people would go as far as calling them 'mini-sized pet dogs'. They show a great deal of love and affection to their human neighbors and can also be trained to do tricks as they are very intelligent. Many scientific literature dispel the myths that pet rats carry rabies and leptospirosis. Before you judge someone or something, maybe it would be nice to research the facts first.

Pet rats are the same ones that we see in the wild. They belong to a family called Brown Rats (Rattus norvegicus). I've also reared a few wild rats, some from their pinkie stage, others as adults. Pet rats are loving creatures who have feelings like we do, and we better not forget that each creature in this world -- great or small -- deserves to be loved.

Pet rats don't have diseases just because they're rats. Unlike humans, rats don't:
  1. ...Destroy rainforests.
  2. ...Dump their waste onto the rivers.
  3. ...Spill harmful chemicals into the environment.
  4. ...Cause air pollution.
  5. ...Put their own kind in concentration camps.
  6. ...Create wars using nuclear weapons.
  7. ...Impose taxes on others for their own enrichment.
  8. ...Hack their neighbors' network to pry or steal information.
Aren't they gorgeous? I love them so much!

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