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About Rattus Yu

Photo Journal By Rattus Yu - About Me

"You need to find a personal satisfaction in things you do...
if you don't, it's not worth your time."

Hello, I am Rattus Yu. I have always been a soft-spoken, shy, intelligent and highly introverted person. Photography has been a hobby that allowed me to share my idealistic view of the world. That's why it's been such a pleasure being in this hobby.

My journey in photography began in 2009 as a way of documenting mundane things around me, then I gradually moved up to shooting other stuff like my pet rats and product features.

I'm fortunate to have done some photography work in my previous work experiences

My portfolio consists mainly of street photography, landscape, pets, product shots, and macros (flowers, insects). I would love to dive into scientific/forensic photography, and the occasional events/portraiture.

If there are any photos that I choose not to share for privacy reasons, those are of family, friends and work. This is strictly my sacred area of privacy. 

In addition to my photography portfolio, may I also mention my YouTube channel ( It was started in 2006, and now we are on our 10+ years. The channel began as an advocacy for championing and promoting my music idols. Then it gradually expanded to documenting my pet rats (and other animals), blog/product features, makeup, food, and now photography.

I currently manage two blogs: Lady Rattus (, my personal blog that covers pets, personal stuff, makeup, product reviews/features, music, food and perhaps anything else under the sun; then Photo Journal By Rattus Yu (, is a blog solely dedicated for photography-related stuff (including reviews).

For those who may come across my blog, I hope this inspires you do be passionate about the things that you love to do, regardless of how people undermine or underestimate your talent. My philosophy in life is to be productive and just do the best you can do, rather than be a person who is critical of other people.

(PS. If you're not sure whether to address me as Mister or Miss... you can just call me MISS-ter. Joke!)

Yours truly,
Rattus Yu

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