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RANT: Why Does It Always Take PhilPost Forever To Process Our Parcels?!

Why Does It Always Take PhiPost Forever To Process Our Parcels?!
Why Does It Always Take PhiPost Forever To Process Our Parcels?!

15 January 2018

Can you see the photo here? You can clearly observe that each process normally takes 1-4 business days. But it takes 3+ weeks to have your notification delivered, and from there you have to go yourself to your city's central post office to claim parcels.

Why does it take 3 weeks to deliver a goddamn notification on our mailbox when it could have been the parcel on the mailbox instead, or it could have been an email which is absolutely free, does not take gas to deliver, and can be received in realtime. I read that it's faster to process in other cities and maybe because Quezon City has such a large scope?

Yes, it was in the news before that they downsized their employees to minimize expenses. But if the government can spend billions on new infrastructure, maybe they can put aside a just a teensy-weensy budget to upgrade the outdated technology or if not, at least hire more people during the peak/holiday seasons.

I've written constructive feedback to the higher ups many many times and they have acknowledged it. It's the higher ups who have the say on budget and management. They have the power, they have the budget. How about will power?

For your information -- I've been importing stuff to buy and sell for the past 2 years, and every month it's the same. It's not easy having to chase after your parcels all the time. Not just one parcel every month, okay?

Although I have only experienced 2 lost/undelivered parcels in the past (probably the shipping service's fault), the longest time I had to wait for a delay was almost 3 months, thankfully only happened once. Only on the last quarter of every year does it go worse (holiday season), but recently I think they're starting to stink even more because you can't call them anymore and nobody's replying to emails. Some kind of service!

For personal use, yes, I can wait forever. But when your small business relies on them, every day of delay is every day of financial loss. Think of the urgency folks, nobody's being VIP, nobody's being impatient if overdue is overdue. Mindset please!

Oh no sir, you mother fucker judger reading this post. Don't you think I'm bad for posting a rant like this, it's hypocritical of you. Maybe if you search around, you will find plenty of extremely harsh comments in forums and posts. My rant is... very tame in comparison.

PS. Is there anything worse than Standard (with tracking) or Economy (no tracking)? Yes, it's EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE, which I now shun. You pay double to triple the amount of international shipping yet has more hassles. Such as: around week 2 of processing, Customs sends you a notification mail, which takes 3+ weeks (defeats the meaning of 'Express'), and when I confronted them for explanation, pointed that it was the PhilPost's responsibility. Lastly, wherever you are in Metro Manila (Quezon City or Las Pinas, etc.) -- you pickup your parcel at the Pasay Central Post Office. Besides, that place is like a pilgrimage to commute to, it's not commuter-friendly. Good luck!

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