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RANT: Please Use Your Camera Phones Responsibly, Not As A Hateful Tool To Setup and Blackmail People

use your camera phones responsibly

23 December 2017

Alam niyo ang hirap kasi sa mga tao? Yung mga taong sobrang ipokrito at judgmental? Yung napaka hateful nila at maraming pinupuna sa iyo kahit nabubuhay ka ng tahimik, mindin your own businss, para magsetup kayo ng tao, or ginagamit niyo sa mali yung mga camera phones niyo tapos kung anu anong report at blackmail ang ginagawa niyo na mali naman dahil it was setup nga to make people look wrong. And then they will have to live with those false rumors/gossip for the rest of their lives.

I can deal with this kind stress at hanggang rant lang talaga ako. Pero kung alam niyo lang sana -- there are many young people out there who have become victims to this form of bullying, many of whom have difficulty coping up and sometimes to the point na it pushes them to contemplate suicide.

I'd rather not detail what this is all about or kung ano yung nabasa ko, but my sympathy goes out to those victims. Sana ipa EJK itong mga taong gumagawa ng kung anu anong video na pamblack mail. When I hold my camera, there is a philosophy in action before I click on the shutter button -- to use photography to make people happy, to portray people in a good image. That's why it's really disgusting that people are using their camera phones irresponsibly at paulit ulit ko na lang ito sinasabi. I don't feel any shame to tell the world that your throats deserve to bleed! (I'm referencing Elektra.)

The moral lesson I'm trying to point is, if you're going to use your camera phones to video people and make fun of them online, or to spread scandals about them -- before you upload, please think first about the impact that YOU will have on their lives.

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