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REVIEW: Scent Swatch in OLD ROSE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)

Scent Swatch in OLD ROSE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)
Scent Swatch in OLD ROSE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)

In my previous review of the Scent Swatch in ANISE, I have given so much praise for the lovely spicy scent (not everyone likes it). It smells like authentic spices that later diffuses into a bouquet of orchid -- a unique and a bold scent to wear because not everyone is strong enough to wear it.

Since I liked the Anise so much, I tried another scent, the 'Scent Swatch in OLD ROSE'. The smell of roses evokes memories of childhood because at age 4 the first perfume I was exposed to and still vividly remember more than 3 decades later was the scent of roses. It was 'The Perfumer's Workshop in Tea Rose EDT'.

My expectations of the Scent Swatch in Old Rose was based on the description on their website (see below). This fragrance is indeed long lasting but sorry, I'm not pleased with this scent

The top note of red apple dominates this whole perfume and overpowers the rest, you can faintly smell the rose. It smells like a cheap teenager's cologne -- more like "sweet candies with a faint smell of rose" than "roses with a hint of sweetness" (if you get the difference). Maybe they should just stick to the floral rose scent and get rid of the goddamn red apple.

Is it long lasting and strong? Not as long lasting and strong as my previous bottle, the ANISE. The Anise stays strong all day, while this Old Rose softens to mild after an hour, maybe the longevity also varies by scent.

Would I buy another bottle? DEFINITELY, "you gotta catch 'em all!" There are scents that I'm looking forward to try in the future: Vanilla, Sangria, Laurel, Camouflage, Taupe, Tawny, and Windsor.

Website Description
"A beautiful floral, somewhat powdery scent fit for a lady. "

Inspired By
Jo Malone Peony and Blush Suede

Top notes:
red apple

Middle notes:
peony, jasmine, carnation, rose

Base note:

Floral, Leather

My Rating
Long Lasting - 2/5
How Strong is it (diffusion) - 3/5
Personal Like (expectation vs. actual) - 1/5

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