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SCRIBBLES: My Astral Projection Experiences As A Kid

21 December 2017

They say that astral projection causes heightened awareness. The feeling that you could be somewhere else observing yourself. If one may believe in astral projection, my very first (of few that I can recall) experiences was when I as 4 or 5 years old.

It's a strange feeling of being awake, not really falling asleep but rather your body feeling numb and light as if you feel yourself become like an orb of energy than a physical body -- yet also feeling aware of your environment, of having your eyes close, yet you can see as if your eyes were open, or wandering around. So I remember my body strangely lifting up the room, then floating, I looked down and saw my body sleeping on the bed -- I flew outside the window outside and up into the skies. I remember seeing angels among the clouds, we played a while, then they told me to go back to my body. Occasionally, I remember waking up and hearing some guardians telling me na gising na daw ako and they are done guarding me and can now leave. It still baffles me until today!

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