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JUST FOR FUN: Free Graphology or Handwriting Analysis

The subject's handwriting shows rigidity and tautness, as if the forward movement of the pen has been carefully restrained. The subject preferring to maintain control, if possible, at all times. He probably has a fairly small number of friends, but values these relationships highly and works hard to maintain them. He does not normally enjoy emotional scenes or doing something unexpected. 

The handwriting shows a few signs of a perfectionist personality. The subject may seem somewhat more orderly and methodical than the average person, perhaps being a little over-concerned with small details and fussy about trivial matters. 

The handwriting is very simplified, and this indicates that the subject is extremely intelligent (scoring 5 out of a possible 5 in the IQ categories). 
The heavy pressure used in the script indicates that the subject has an above average activity level. He enjoys having plenty to do and dislikes being delayed or obstructed. He has a need to work off excess energy in an active occupation or leisure pursuit. 

The subject has a signature that is smaller than 77% of the population, and as a result has a lower opinion of himself than the average signer and prefers to avoid the limelight. Even in a position of power he is unlikely to seek acclaim and attention. He is somewhat more modest than a writer with a bigger signature and can more readily accept criticism. 

Although small, the signature is underlined. Not wishing to make his presence felt in a more immediate or direct way, he is using the embellishment as a form of compensation. The underlining embellishment is also a mark of enthusiasm and exuberance. 

The subject has an above average physical and mental need for space around him and hates to be confined. When writing, this hunger for space reveals itself in a desire to cover as much paper as possible with his letters and words. 

He prefers more excitement and risk than the average person, taking life lightly as a result. He probably appears impulsive, blurting out remarks without thinking first, buying goods on impulse, and making major decisions about his life on the whim of the moment. He could be easily bored and often yearns for change and variety. He is likely to freely express his feelings and moods, even if he tries to cover them up. 

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