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SCRIBBLES: Remembering The Hauntings From The Past

21 December 2017

Madalas ako makapanaginip na bumabalik ako doon sa dati naming tahanan. I do miss that place to the point na napapanaginipan ko minsan every other night. Sometimes I feel like I'm still living there even if it was year 2000 since we left.

In our old home, I used to experience hauntings like someone banging outside my room's door and then nobody outside. Or things falling and suddenly missing but when I look again a few minutes after uttering for them to return, it would suddenly show up on a spot where it was not before. Sometimes, someone pulling down my blanket, and I would feel them turning my body around and hugging me, then the blanket going back.

One time, I remember the sound of a dog lying on top of me, growling, as if to protect me and the next day my chronic nasal allergies were suddenly gone. Sometimes, being fully aware of my environment, then getting up from bed and seeing myself lying on bed, then wandering around.

Sometimes, during the day I'd see the rocking chair rock on its own. As a young kid, I was too naive to understand or to even fear -- and just didn't care. And I used to think, yey the chair is rocking and it's a fun ride! ahaha serious

Oftentimes during the day, I would only feel someone in the hallway, a cold or warm presence, occasionally like a hand touching my arms. They seem pretty benign and harmless.

The creepiest were when I woke up and saw a shadowy figure beside my bed watching over me, and the one that really made my hair stood up was when in broad afternoon, someone in the living room was calling my name. Ah... and no one else at home experience those things. Maybe it's calling me back, that's why I often dream about the old house, to the point of every other night sometimes.

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