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SECRET GARDEN: Growing My Indoor Secret Garden

Miniature Rose 'Mariotta'
Miniature Rose 'Mariotta'

02 December 2017

Sana matigil na yung kabobohan ng mga tao na feeling mayaman ka daw kung mahilig ka makinig sa classical music or feeling malaki yung lupa kung mahilig ka sa gardening at mga halaman. Kabobohan to the highest level. Makitid ang utak. There is an ingenius way to adapt everything. There is no limitation to anything if you really want to.

Besides, people should stop saying that I'm wasting money. First of all, I'm very passionate about my hobbies and anything that I'm into. I don't have much vanities or cravings for material things, but this is where I invest my time, effort and money. Second, these things I do are not a waste at all because they are for a good cause -- I'm not wasting money on drugs, on booze, on vanities, senseless partying, etc.

Alam niyo people, I'm minding my own life and wala akong pakialam sa buhay niyo. I don't understand bawat kilos ko you have to preach some criticisms at panlalait. Petty things like I'm so feeling, social climber, pangit pangit, etc. Why don't you assholes examine yourselves first, since your mouth are foaming with rabid negativity. Fuck you!

There are only two spots in our home where there gets to be full sun: right outside our apartment's gate, and the other bedroom. Whereas, my bedroom does not get any direct sun at all, and so do the dull living room and kitchen. That's why I'm looking to recruit the aid of artificial light.

Upon reading up some stuff, an ordinary LED bulb is actually sufficient, but you will need to supplement with a blue (for vegetative growth) and red (for flowering/fruiting). Here are some notes that I made for myself, as well as for you:

When I shop for LED bulbs for my photography studio, I usually look for 'lumens', which is a measurement for brightness (1200 lumens is good). Don't listen when people tell you to check the wattage. Say watt???

Humans see the yellow spectrum, plants on the opposite, see the red and blue spectrum. They do not absorb green, which is why leaves are green. So naturally my choice would be to choose a light that is cool or bluish, not warm/yellow/amber.

I think that after reading up on a ton of articles today, it's time to get creative and have a visit to the hardware next week!

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