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REVIEW: Burt's Bees BB Cream With Noni Extract, SPF 15

Burt's Bees BB Cream With Noni Extract, SPF 15
Burt's Bees BB Cream With Noni Extract, SPF 15

01 December 2017

FULL DISCLOSURE! Back in February, Burt's Bees gave me some 5k worth of credit to try out their products. Of course, there's plenty of their famous lip balm, but they also have plenty of skin care products to choose from. Of that 5k, I chose to try their skin care products, which were not cheap. One of them was this Burt's Bees BB Cream with Noni Extract SPF 15 in Light/Medium.

Only three shades: Light, Light/Med, and Medium. It's really hard to pick the right shade when shopping online -- I thought that Light/Medium would fit me since it's the middle shade, but it's still about one notch lighter (but not too light, it's still wearable on me). I don't care much about the SPF 15, but it's good to have it here. By the way, since its SPF isn't so strong, it is also good for flash photography, and I have never looked like a ghost.

Looking at ingredients is one of the things I love to do and the special things here are sunflower seed extract and morinda citrifolia (noni) fruit extract. I like the scent, it's like spicy anise (I'm also a fan of Scent Swatch's 'ANISE').

The cream itself is viscous, not watery and runny. So I never get any mess or spills, and only the precise quantity that I want will come out. Coverage is good, it's able to smooth the skin out and make the pores look invisible. Blending with my fingers isn't difficult, but it will benefit with a little moisturizer beforehand since it is viscous. Once blended, it really blends beautifully on the skin, it doesn't look like makeup. And it stays that way up to the end of the day.

All I can really say is that unlike many others I've tried before (including foundations), where you feel like you can see a product sitting on top of your skin, this BB cream BECOMES YOUR SKIN. The longer it stays on my skin, the more beautiful it blends. It really works well for keeping oily skin in check... no shine, no retouch!

So yeah, this is great for the sporty guys too because it's long wearing and doesn't budge. Take it from me... I walk around under the hot burning afternoon and sweating alot while sun doing shoots, not stuck up in some air-conditioned room/office. My claims are valid.

Any room for improvement? BB Cream that gives flawless looking skin, looking great for photography, great for oily skin, it becomes your skin, and the longer it stays the better it looks. Perfect product almost, but maybe they can add some darker shades especially for us Asians.

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Burt's Bees BB Cream With Noni Extract, SPF 15

Fresh from washing.

After applying the BB cream.

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