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PERSONAL: Thinking About My Death, Gwyneth Jones/Joan Sutherland Birthday Suite

Thinking About My Death
Thinking About My Death

07 November 2017

Having morbid thoughts about death again lately... some bad dreams, premonitions of death by strangling, etc. I think I would like to have a festive funeral, no sad music please, decorated by floral scents, because I want to exit the world with bright colors and happiness!

Please play Maurice Ravel's 'BOLERO' on my funeral,
the one with Sergiu Celibidache

"It's early morning, no one is awake. I'm back at the cliff, still throwing things down, I listen to the sounds they make on their way down. I follow with my eyes till they crash. I wonder what my body sounds like slamming against those rocks. And when I land, will my eyes be close or open?"

~Bjork, from Hyperballad, 1996

And today is November 7th... 
happy birthday to Gwyneth Jones and Joan Sutherland, opera legends!

# # # E N D # # #


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