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MUSIC: Sound Frequencies And Its Relationship To Healing The Mind

27 November 2017

The universe is full of vibrations and frequencies emitting from different astrological bodies. According to studies, specific frequencies have effects on the brain. Many of them were even used by monks of ancient times until today as a tool for healing, these humming sounds. Check out the video compilation below, I did feel some instant effect even when not actively paying attention and doing something else.

My head started to involuntarily bob and go around like a metronome, and I'm visualizing a counterclockwise cloud of energy swirling around me. That's what I'm experiencing right now.

Delta, Theta, and Alpha Monaural Brainwave Entrainment 
Complete Schumann Resonances
 Complete Solfeggio Frequencies 
Headphones Not Required 

Instant Third Eye Activation (Pure Tone Brainwave Entrainment) 

Open the Third Eye 
Instant Psychic Stimulation 
Extrasensory Perception 
Lucid Dreaming 
Self- Healing 
DNA Repair 
Stress Reduction 
Higher Consciousness 
Remote Viewing

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