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November 6, 2017: Recurring Dreams...

06 November 2017

Last night I dreamt living at the old home again, which we left in 2000. Things were exactly as I remembered when I was a kid. Me and mama and grandma were talking about going out in the next few days to make pasyal. On that day, I was about to come home, but one block away while walking Apo Street, started to pour the rain. I was carrying a heavy sack of something, but determined to go back home so we can make tuloy the pasyal later. Funny thing was, I was coming home to the present location we live. Grandma was just waiting at home and we're glad to see each other again. Then as I went inside our current home, I'm suddenly at our old home again. We were about to leave, then I woke up.

(Grandma died November 2005. I've been having recurring dreams every fortnight ever since.)

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