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MUSIC: Verdi's Il Trovatore, Vienna 1966 (Jones, Cossotto, McCracken, Sereni, Vinco)

Verdi's Il Trovatore, Vienna 1966 (Jones, Cossotto, McCracken, Sereni, Vinco)
Gwyneth Jones is Leonora in Verdi's Il Trovatore.

14 September 2017

Here is my new music purchase today, it is one of the early recordings of Gwyneth Jones ('The Singing Actress') singing in Verdi operas. Context is, she was well-known as a powerful Wagnerian singer with a huge voice that could make the walls in the Metropolitan Opera NY to fall apart, according to operagoers' accounts.

Gyneth Jones as Venus from Wagner's 'Tannhauser', Bayreuth 1978.

People forget that in her early years, she had one of the most beautiful voices besides her beautiful looks. If she stayed in bel canto, she could have given Joan Sutherland a run for her money! Most of her early years were fortunately documented from live broadcasts. Despite some issues with sound, the excitement generated by her live performances always triumph.

Aside from Gwyneth Jones, we also have a star-studded cast with Fiorenza Cossoto as Azucena, James McCracken as Manrico, Mario Sereni as Count di Luna and Ivo Vinco as Ferrando... a luxury cast!

I'm very grateful that these historical documents exist, something for fans to cherish. The videos that I made here were enhanced sounds for the audiophiles. However, I always had in mind to share these educational videos as introduction to newbies or those not familiar with opera music. Therefore, you will only hear excerpts, not full clips.

The synopsis are provided in the video. It looks to me like this is some sort of dark comedy, this Il Trovatore! For me, the whole Act 4 Scene 1 is a highlight and included in full, without cuts. Gwyneth Jones makes really beautiful singing here, and listen to her exquisite singing in this particular scene. You can hear her crying and it breaks my heart, but this scene is probably my favorite scene in the whole opera. Check it out...

Giuseppe Verdi

Gwyneth Jones, Leonora
Fiorenza Cossotto, Azucena
James McCracken, Manrico
Mario Sereni, Count di Luna
Ivo Vinco, Ferrando

Viena Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by Argeo Quadri

Live from Vienna State Opera
September 1966

Available from Opera Depot,
This is my own enhanced audio.

Check out this link where I bought the music:

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