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MUSIC: Verdi's Aida Sung in German, Vienna 1955 (Rysanek, Madeira, Hopf, London, Frick)

AIDA sung in German, Vienna 1955
AIDA sung in German, Vienna 1955
with Leonie Rysanek and Jean Madeira

15 September 2017

Today's upload is Verdi's AIDA sung in German, from a live performance in Vienna 1955. I'm solely buying this record for Leonie Rysanek and Jean Madeira.

AIDA is one of the most played operas in history. Its triumphal march is very popular and often used in graduation cereonies. These videos were uploaded as educational introduction for newbies to opera. That's why many of the scenes were only abridged excerpts. As usual, here is also my enhanced audio treatment to the sound.

AIDA is a story about oppression. Aida, a Nubian/Ethiopian princess, was captured and enslaved by the Egyptians. Her father Amonasro, king of the Nubians, plan to invade Egypt to free his daughter. But the Egyptian army, under the command of Radames (who is secretly in love with Aida, Amneris' love rival) defeats and captures the Nubians.

The Egyptians do not know the true identity of Amonsary, king of the Nubians, and he tells them that the king of the Nubians was slain in battle. The Egyptians want the Nubians to be executed and slain, but Radames pleads with the king to spare their lives. The king names Radames as his successor the the betrothed of princess Amneris. However, Aida and Amonsaro were held as hostages to oppress the Nubians.

While Aida and Amonsaro were preparing to escape at night, Radames felt dishonored when Amonsaro revealed himself as the king of the Nubians, making Radames feel dishonored. As Amneris just exited the temple, they saw Radames with the enemies and quickly call upon the guards to arrest them. They escape, but Radames stays and was arrested.

In the final Act, Radames refuses to deny the accusations and was sentenced to death, while wishing that Aida is already far away and safe. But as he was thrown into the vaults under the temple, sealed so he would die there, he realizes that Aida secretly sneaked in to be with him. They die together, while up in the temple, Amneris prays for them.

Giuseppe Verdi
(Sung in German)

Leonie Rysanek, AIDA
Jean Madeira, AMNERIS
Hans Hopf, RADAMES
George London, AMONASRO
Gottlob Frick, RAMFIS

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra
Conducted by Rafael Kubelik

Live from the Vienna State Opera

This is an enhanced audio created by me.

Leonie Rysanek as AIDA

Jean Madeira as AMNERIS

Available from Opera Depot

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