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MUSIC: Richard Strauss' ELEKTRA with Astrid Varnay, Leonie Rysanek (1953)

Cast of Elektra: Astrid Varnay, Leonie Rysanek, Res Fischer, Hans Hotter, Helmut Melchert

05 September 2017

It's been 10 years ago since I last bought a CD. Then my aunt gave me a 2-CD set of ELEKTRA (Borkh, Della Casa, Madeira, Lorenz, Mitropoulos, Vienna 1957) in 2014. Today, I picked up my parcel at the Quezon City Central Post Office -- my favorite Richard Strauss' opera ELEKTRA. As if the 2 Elektras I already have are not enough... I still have 2 Elektras coming this September!

The photos were shot with a NIkon D5200 and a Tamron Adaptall 1 38-100mm f/3.5 (CZ-38M) at 38mm f/8 macro mode.

One act tragedy by
Richard Strauss

Astrid Varnay, Elektra
Leonie Rysanek, Chrysothemis
Res Fischer, Klytemnestra
Hans Hotter, Orest
Helmut Melchert, Aegisth

Cologne Radio Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Richard Kraus

From the Koln Broadcast tapes
Recorded 22-28 August 1953.

Watch selected excerpts from the opera

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