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FEATURE: Silkygirl 'Magic BB' Powder Foundation (4 Shades)

Silkygirl 'Magic BB' Powder Foundation (4 Shades)
Silkygirl 'Magic BB' Powder Foundation (4 Shades)

Whenever I think about powder foundation, what comes to my mind (and many other people) is that it's a thick mask of powder that sits on your skin and sometimes adds a white cast when you use flash for photography.

Silkygirl Cosmetics sent me this cute set of compact powder foundation for me to try, the Magic BB All-In-One Powder Foundation. I have a light honey skin tone, and the best shade for me was Medium. The Rosy Beige will suit morena and tan skin tone, while Ivory and Natural are for those with lighter skin tone.

What makes this powder foundation extra special from the others I've used before are the generous ingredients from nature -- high SPF 35, wild mango butter, calendula flower extract, sakura leaf extract, mulberry leaf extract, vitamin E and silica (maximum oil/sebum absorption). The powder has no scent, and this will be perfect for those who have sensitivities to strong scent.

I've been using it for over a month now, and it's my go-to powder as foundation and also as touch-up powder. I'm very pleased because it has a very fine texture and the finish never looks like makeup, but a 'my-skin-but-better'.

As a male who is prone to excessive oily skin, the powder works perfectly. I go outdoor and walk under the sun for hours, so it's valid for me to say that the powder does well with oil control and it doesn't oxidize or turn dark at the end of the day. 

It's a good thing when you wear a foundation and forget about it the rest of the day and just let it do its job. Have you tried one of these? If not, check out their pages below...





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