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MUSIC: Gwyneth Jones as Lady Macbeth (Sung in English), Available From Opera Depot

31 August 2017

Gwyneth Jones early in her career as Lady Macbeth. She handles the coloratura well and the voice was already huge at this point. I bought this from Opera Depot, great sound! I made these abridged videos as an educational introduction for those who are new to opera, new to this opera, and also for the enjoyment for those who already know this opera.

By the way, this is also to showcase my diva Gwyneth Jones. People often know her as one of the loudest/biggest voices opera has ever heard. But before her 'Wagnerian' years were the bel canto years. People have forgotten about this era, her early years. I thought it would be nice if people re-discover these early years.

Abridged excerpts from

Opera by
Giuseppe Verdi

Sung in English
(London 1965) 

Bryan Drake, Macbeth 
Gwyneth Jones, Lady Macbeth 
Robert Thomas, Macduff 
David Gwynne, Banquo 
Malcolm Williams, Malcolm 

Chorus and Orchestra of the 
Welsh National Orchestra 

Conducted by Eric Wetherell 

# # # E N D # # #


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