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RANT: Avoid EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE For Importing Parcels From Abroad

Avoid EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE at all cost, for international parcels. You are better off with Standard. Normally, it just takes one day for customs examination but here, you see it's been there for more than 2 weeks!

31 August 2017

It was my first time to experience EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE since someone at the PO kept telling me to use Express if I want my items fast. So, I thought paying PhP1,500+ for the international shipping alone (excluding the value of the item bought and other things to pay) would be worth it.

When I checked the tracking, it was stuck at Customs for 2 weeks and not moving there. I never got a notification. So this alarmed me and prompted me to email the authorities. After arguing and follow ups with the customs folks and tweeting/calling/emailing every 5 hours of the days that passed, I just had the liberty to go to Pasay one day after my visit to San Juan City.

Going to that place is like walking 20 blocks to the nearest road where you can take a ride to commute. If you have a car, then your life is so easy. Believe me, I even got lost on my way there, TWICE! Once at the Central Post Office in Pasay, the process went smoothly, I have no complaint about it.

And you know what else annoyed me? When I got home, tsaka ko lang na-receive yung notification card from them, and ang nakalagay na stamp is 'Second Notice'. See the inefficiency? Because of bureaucracy and the stupid processes, it's a shame that Express is now slower than Standard shipping. Even foreign companies feel wary about sending parcels as I get told.

The problem with them using snail mail is that it takes 2 weeks or more before you get the notification in your mailbox. That's why frequent clients like me always have to chase after their parcels through email/twitter/phone every day. Why are these idiots even using snail mail for express parcels that are obviously urgent??? Pwede naman email, ayun oh, naka lagay ang email at contact doon sa parcel?

Isa pa, yung kailangan pa na pumunta doon just to show the PayPal invoice as proof of the item's value. Hindi naman sila nagrerespond when I sent them screenshots. Hindi ba katangahan to the highest level? Ayan na nga ang fast communication through technology, pinipilit pa yung appearance in person. Susme, yung iba doon nagko-complain pa na galing pa sila ng Las Pinas (all Metro Manila residents go to Pasay for the EMS).

They reason out na kailangan pa daw pumunta sa Pasay so they can open up the parcel and check the item. Goddamit, I've been shipping for over a year na, and all this time Standard has never been a problem. I go to Post Office NIA, they look at the printout on the box which indicates the item and price/value, then I make the payments. Tapos ang transaction in a minute.

However, I couldn't help but feel bitter at feeling betrayed. Therefore, I'm calling the attention of everyone to avoid EXPRESS MAIL SERVICE. You are better off with Standard (includes tracking number). Unfortunately, some sellers abroad offer only Express and even refuse lower cost shipping options, so that is my fate.

Masama ba ako for posting a rant? Uhm... I'm not the first one ever, and marami pa po mga mas irate at mas worse ang na-experienced. Kami yung mga clients na naghahabol ng package namin, kung hindi naman namin hahabulin eh aabutin kami ng ilang buwan (yung isa nga inabot ng 4 months, but nakalagay sa info nasa QC Post Office na less than 1 week after I placed an order from abroad)... bakit kami pa yung paparinig ng ibag tao na paimportante? Pakyu!

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