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A Poem Calling For People To Stop Harassing Me

A Poem Calling For People To Stop Harassing Me
A Poem Calling For People To Stop Harassing Me

Sometimes my mind is just crammed with poems, fragments, lines of poems that keep playing inside my head involuntarily. Sometimes I need to get them out by writing them down on impulse. This poem just popped up in my head a while ago. I typed as I thought, no edit, no corrections, no revisions, done in 10 minutes. That was fun!

I felt the 
oppressing presence 
of Satan earlier.
The magnanimous opulence
of such grandeur absence,
it drives me into a sentence
that delivers the penitence.
The oppressing presence
of people harassing my innocence
with their malicious intentions
to frame me up with their cameras
so they would spread bigotry
in the social medias.
These people are driving me bananas,
but I like to swallow a different kid of bananas
while I am in my pajamas.
These people are like laughing hyenas
or vultures waiting to feast on my carrion
covered with hydrangeas.
When the time comes that gone is my patience,
Will be the time when I will seek justice
so that they who work in the police
will help to curb these kinds of insurgence
and the judge will put them in a sentence
and from my complains I'll finally be of silence.
Am I making any sense?


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