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REVIEW: Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL) + Bondi Blue Sampler

Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)
Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)

For quite some time, I have been looking for an affordable but effective perfume that is strong and will last for hours, and also something that I wanted to support -- made in the Philippines. I have discovered Scent Swatch in ANISE while browsing through an online shop, not knowing anything beforehand.

They have quite a number of scents in their portfolio, which is why it made me interested, and they're selling eau de parfum for only P399... Eau de parfum!!! P399!!!

ANISE got my attention because I've been looking for something spicy and different from what people usually like (which is sweet or flowery). When this bottle finally arrived, it was love at first smell! But honestly, not everyone will like it and it takes courage to wear this scent.

What I like is that this perfume smells authentic. When I say authentic, it means that when they promise spices, you really smell real spices, nothing artificial or fake. Gets? ANISE has this spicy anise scent, a somewhat woody scent, and then in the middle an orchid scent blooms. Later in the day, you might smell a bit of fresh chives.

This perfume lasts for hours. Even on my clothes, I can still smell it after days! This is a cheap EDP that smells like the real thing and lasts very long. You won't regret it! A few months later was my second bottle, the Scent Swatch in Old Rose.

BONUS: It came with a sample size Bondi Blue. It smells aquatic and smells like Ralph Lauren's Polo Blue. (Not my type of scent, but thank you anyway!)

Website Description

"People who love vanilla should find this fragrance an interesting addition to their collection. This unisex scent isn't exactly sweet but has just the right amount of it. The spicy components add a unique type of warmth to the deep notes of vanilla, tonka bean and vetiver. Best worn during colder months of the year for that extra cozy feeling."

Inspired by: 
Jo Malone Vanilla & Anise

Top notes:

Middle notes: 

Base notes:

spicy, vanilla, woody

My Rating
Long Lasting - 5/5
How Strong is it (diffusion) - 5/5
Personal Like (expectation vs. actual) - 5/5

  • Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)

    Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)

    Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)

    Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)

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