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REVIEW: Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL) + Bondi Blue Sampler

Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)
Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)

They say that the scent that you pick reflects your personality. I love warm spicy scents. This reflects "a person who likes to be mysterious and keep others from knowing about them, and they are also very dangerous daredevils...", I read somewhere.

I've been looking for a cheap but nice smelling perfume for a long time. Many of them often came with this bright citrus scent which I hated so much. Frankly, I don't have much choice in my budget price range, they all smell like that, and I don't believe in spending 5k for just a tiny goddamn bottle of perfume because it's not practical.

The scents that I've been looking for a long time were spicy (like vanilla), warm, musky, chocolate, earthy, woody or leathery -- not bright, sweet, fruity and happy scents.

Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum) showed up in the recommended section of the online website that I was browsing. I clicked on it merely out of curiosity... anise sounds like a nice scent for me. The product description was well written and catchy. Not long after, I found myself checking the other scents by Scent Swatch. Looks like a great deal, so I gave this bottle a try. It arrived in my doorstep after 2 days of placing an order.

Each 60mL bottle of Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum) sells for P300 to P399 (depending on the seller). With that size, it is big enough to last around 1 year with me, since only a little goes a long way.


Product Description

"People who love vanilla should find this fragrance an interesting addition to their collection. This unisex scent isn't exactly sweet but has just the right amount of it. The spicy components add a unique type of warmth to the deep notes of vanilla, tonka bean and vetiver. Best worn during colder months of the year for that extra cozy feeling."

> Unisex Fragrance
> Eau de Parfum grade
> Made from imported fragrance oils
> Scent lasts up to 4 hours on skin, up to 8 hours on clothes
> Top notes: star anise, neroli, bergamot 
> Middle notes: clove, jasmine, tuberose, orchid 
> Base notes: vetiver, tonka bean, amber, vanilla

  • Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)

    Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)

    Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)

    Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL)

  • ====================================

    Scent Swatch has a big portfolio of scents and each of them were carefully coordinated with specific colors that reflect the scent's personality. Based on the product descriptions, I'm looking forward to trying the Vanilla ("A rich, sensual blend of vanilla and orchid with hints of amber and musk.") and Graphite ("An easy to wear woody-aromatic fragrance... that fills you up with energizing notes of citruses, pink pepper, mint, spices and leather.") next time.

    Byzantium is probably their most popular scent as I've seen most people getting it and posting reviews about it. But maybe not for me.

    ANISE is a warm lovely scent, I love it! It's a unique and exotic scent that you won't normally find (maybe some expensive brands might have one). I'm happy because it's just as described. The perfume introduces you to the top notes of star anise, then along the way, some jasmine and orchid pops up. Vanilla is the base note that sticks.

    However, the longer it stays on me, the more jasmine/orchid it kind of smells (not bad). It actually resembles a scent that I used back in 2005, Avon's IMARI. The perfume just keeps getting my attention because even after 2 hours of spraying it, I can still smell it emanating from my skin, that lovely orchid/jasmine/vanilla combo.

    It lasts really long and stays well for 4 hours on my skin. On my clothes, it can last even the next day. My only wish, if they can make it REALLY STRONG, that would be even better.

    Great value for money, you should try one too. 

    BONUS: It came with a sample size Bondi Blue. It smells aquatic and smells like Ralph Lauren's Polo Blue. (Not my type of scent, but thank you anyway!)


    All the photos in this post were shot with a Nikon D5200 (Picture Profile - Standard, White Balance - Cloudy) and an Olympus F.Zuiko Auto-S 50mm f/1.8, specially converted for use on Nikon DSLRs. The intro photo was shot with a Tamron Adaptall 2 SP 90mm f/2.5 Macro (52B).

    Scent Swatch in ANISE (Eau de Parfum, 60mL) + Bondi Blue Sampler

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