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MUSIC: Turandot 1985, with Gwyneth Jones and Nicola Martinucci (Rare Recording of the Original Alfano Ending)

Turandot 1985, Complete Alfano Ending with Gwyneth Jones and Nicola Martinucci
Turandot 1985, Complete Alfano Ending with Gwyneth Jones and Nicola Martinucci

January 25, 2017

Turandot is an opera by Giacomo Puccini. He left the third act unfinished when he died in 1924. Franco Alfano was left with the task of completing the rest of the opera. However, at the premier, conductor Arturo Toscanini cut around 3 minutes from the finale. This cut version is the one commonly played in opera houses nowadays.

Performances and recordings of the original ending is rare. So this is a tasty treat, with my diva Gwyneth Jones as the ice cold Princess Turandot.

I have uploaded excerpts of this recording in 2014, which only includes a very short excerpt and was in poor sound quality. This time around, I re-uploaded longer excerpts and enhanced the audio alot. Please scroll down to watch the embedded video. Thanks!


Gwyneth Jones, TURANDOT
Nicola Martinucci, CALAF
Diana Soviero, LIU
Sergey Koptchak, TIMUR
Alessandro Corbelli, PING
Piero De Palma, PANG
Paolo Barbacini, PONG
Gianni De Angelis, MANDARIN

Orchestra e Coro Teatro dell'Opera di Roma
Conducted by Daniel Oren

Rome, 23 July 1985



1) Principesa Divina!

2) Signore, ascolta!

3) Ping, Pang, Pong

4) Riddle Scene (complete)

5) Nessun dorma

6) Death of Liu

7) Principesa di morte!



This audio was purchased from House of Opera. The audio you hear here is an enhanced audio by me. You can get the complete recorded performance of this as a CD or MP3 format:

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