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REFLECTION: What Would You Be Like If You Were Your Boss Someday?

I have a tendency to miss people.

As an introvert (the extreme kind), I'm fond of missing people and looking back at the past. It's true that I usually appear cold, uncaring and indifferent if you meet me for the first time. But if I consider you a friend, you'd see a very loyal, protective and caring (or even WACKY) me. I've been missing alot of people and I thought that writing a short reflection on my blog would be a nice way of doing tribute for them.

REFLECTION: What Would You Be Like If You Were Your Boss Someday?

One of my goals in life is to have my own business and be my boss. I am inspired by charismatic people like my former boss, who can show you that they are boss by being a friend to you and being humble, not by throwing things around or yelling at people to impose their authority over you.

I hate to think of bosses as someone who owns or controls me like a puppet... but rather, people who are my friends, partners, collaborators or clients that put their trust in me and allow me autonomy since I have a very good work ethic. This is also to differentiate that I am not sipsip or an 'alipores with political agenda'.

Through observation, they taught me how to do planning, strategy, and keep myself organized. I have a tendency to lean on the opposite side and prefer to be spontaneous.

One more thing, if I'm gonna be a business owner, I would equally think of my own profit as well as the well being of my employees since they are what make the business run in the first place.

Everyone who have known me for a long time, know that I can be an indifferent person, which is a good thing. This means I'm also very fair and impartial kind of boss. I listen to good advise, and shun those 'alipores' people who like to stick around bosses and besmirch their colleagues just because of petty issues like a difference in salary or they don't like your personality.

Surely, a boss hires a person based on their expertise; I won't hire people simply for the basis of whether I like them or not. I don't play favorites. And when I think people are deserving, I give it to them.

If I'm a boss someday, I want people to think of me as their protector and champion.

From what I've learned through observation, running a business is also about taking good care of your people. It's nice to learn so many good things from my bosses past, present and future who I can look up to as my role model.

You know that I'm saying this because I feel inspired and have alot of hugot. Sa mga mahilig mag conspiracy theory, lahat naman ng post ko nilalagyan ng kulay. Whatever your interpretation is, I mean this in a good and optimistic way.

Life is full of beautiful lessons. Shoutout to some of the coolest bosses I've met! Care to share your opinion?

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