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RATZILLA: An Answer To My Bashers... We DO Care So Much For Our Pet Rats

An Answer To My Bashers... We Care For Our Pet Rats

When bashers of the pet rat hobby pour out their sentiments on me, I feel hurt but think with an open mind so I understand that they need enlightenment. People say negative things about pet rats, but I try my best to answer them with whatever issues they have.

I just want to answer those fame-whore assholes  -- that I started to blog because of my advocacy for pet rats, regardless of what people think. I was never after fame (it was the opposite and I cherish my privacy), nor to please other people. That's why I decided to speak out.

Did you know how much effort and humiliation I had in those early days and I'm on my own, just to build up the love for pet rats? I won't let people like you take away from me the privilege to speak out for the rats.

So many things have been said behind my back and I always tolerated being an underdog. It's irresponsible and you should respect that every person in the world has their own special task and role, regardless of what you think.

I'm very humble and down to earth, but I won't let anyone treat me like a punching bag. There will, and will always be people who bully me for what I am but these bullies will never silence me!

The world would be a better place if everyone HAD respect and don't think of themselves as above others. Please respect each person in the hobby... Rats deserve our love and care too!

Yours truly,


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