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PHOTO JOURNAL: Farewell to the Lady Rattus blog!

New Blog: Photo Journal By Rattus Yu
New Blog: Photo Journal By Rattus Yu

Greetings to all!

I've been meaning to postpone the announcement of my new blog 'Photo Journal By Rattus Yu' since its creation back in mid-January 2016.

It took a while to migrate my posts and polish the details and design, but now the overall look is finished and I'm ready to announce.

"You need to find a personal satisfaction in things you do...
if you don't, it's not worth your time."

My new blog is an outlet for my hobby in photography, with the intention to inspire people. May those who have a genuine passion in any chosen hobby also do the same. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. #RebelHeart #BeInspired

My favorite subjects are animals, flowers/plants, food, a little landscape, and portraits. It's my dream to become a professional or scientific photographer someday.

The Nikon D5200 is my current camera, which I highly recommended for fellow bloggers and students because it gives value for money.

I'm also using the Nikomat FT, a fully manual film SLR that's highly recommended for those who wish to venture into the beautiful world of film photography.

I am least likely to invest in gears other than those cool vintage lenses which I'm crazy about.

Nikon is a camera system that offers value for money, whether they are targeted for professionals or for the average Filipino consumer. Their Nikkor lenses are famed for sharpness and clarity, even the vintage ones still hold great value for photographers today.

Kindly comment below if you'd like to do a collaboration/sponsorship or if you want to have free photo shoots with me. I wish to build my portfolio and to further improve my skills. Your financial help would also mean alot to me. Thank you!


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