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RATZILLA: Agatha and Thoriel's 2nd birthday anniversary

Milan and Thoriel's 2nd birthday anniversary
Milan and Thoriel's 2nd birthday anniversary

January 10, 2016. Sunday.

Today is Milan and Thoriel's 2nd birthday anniversay. Sadly, Thoriel can no longer celebrate his birthday with us.

Rats love sweet things like we humans do, so a bunch of donuts would really make their day.

They are my second generation descendants from a wild rat. Back in 2009 when I just started out in the rat fancy, only albinos and hooded were available. Berkshires were a little hard to find at that time too. There were many agoutis but were only hooded.

By 2010, I have been yearning to have a self agouti, or an agouti color covering the whole body. Since none were available, I resorted to catching adult wild rats and thought to breed them... with no real success since they never adapted well.

That's why self agouti's are very precious to me.

Then I found Thor in July of 2012. I left their food bowl by the side while cleaning their home one day. By the time I finished cleaning and went back for the bowl, I found him feasting of the leftover barley.

I also found his sister, but she did not live beyond a few days. This happened 2 weeks before the habagat, that terrible storm that we feared was to be another Ondoy, in case you guys have forgotten about it.

So then, Thor was the father of siblings Thoriel and Agatha, who were born on January 10th of 2014.

I'm just being realistic when thinking that Agatha's time may be up sooner or later. It's sad thinking about how rats have such short lives and leave too soon. But, of those short times that I had them in my life, every time I spent with them was like gold.


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