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REVIEW: Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss

Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss
Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss

Product Information
Awesomeness: 10/10
Scent: Undetectable
Texture: Cream to Super-Matte
Opacity: 100%
Longevity: 10/10

Retail: 299 Pesos
@ SM Department Store

Available in 7 shades:
Magenta (LKP-01), Red Orange (LKP-02), Chocolate Brown (LKP-05), Nude (LKP-06)
Prune (LKP-07), Rose Pink (LKP-09), Orange (LKP-10)

Net Weight: 8 mL
Made in France
Exclusively manufactured for Jazzy Collections Cainta


Honestly, I think the 'Lip Gloss' part of this product's name is a misnomer. It's more like 'Liquid Matte Lipstick', agree? This product is Made in France, but it's another reason for us to love JC because it is a Proudly Filipino brand.

Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss

Packaging (9/10)

This product comes in a see-through tapered lip gloss tube, with doe-foot applicator. It has an undetectable scent (a little water-color scent if you sniff at the tube), and the manufacture / expiration dates are printed inside the box. At first I thought they didn't have names, but you can actually find it printed on the side of the box (usually obscured by the price sticker). It would be easier to remember the shades if it was printed on the sticker label at the bottom of the tube.

Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss

Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss

Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss

Formula / Performance (10/10)

JC's KPLG consists of a little wax (Beeswax and Carnauba Wax), Vitamin E, the usual colorants and others. You can read the complete list printed on the box. It has a creamy-moist consistency that quickly dries matte as soon as you blend it. I don't find it problematic to apply, but I use a lip brush and sometimes lip pencil to help me create a perfectly-shaped pout.

As for the matte texture, it's SUPER matte. I have a high tolerance for matte lipstick and do not find this product to be drying on my lips. For those who may not tolerate matte lipstick, try putting on lip balm first to soothe the lips. This liquid matte lipstick delivers what it promises: it's kiss proof! Other than being kiss proof, it also stays on your lips all day without fading, smearing, or chipping off. (Just don't expect this to be oil-proof or heavy-meal-proof.)

Irritations? Itchiness? Dryness? Darkness? No.

Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss

Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss

Shade (10/10)

This liquid matte lipstick comes in 7 shades, packs a powerful color-punch with one layer, and is enough to last the whole work day. Rose Pink (LPK-09) is actually a bright warm red and maybe it should be called Flaming Red? I have always been eyeing for the MAC Ruby Woo and this shade looks like a good dupe to it. My lips are very pale so this shade pulls off as bright red as seen in the image below. I got word that it looks vampy red on dark lips. Let your lips decide with their testers.

Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss

The second shade I have is called Magenta (LKP-01). Oh my... it's really gorgeous! It's not violet-purple if you're expecting one, but a pinkish-purple shade. Once again, it may pull off pinkish-purple because of my pale lips but depending on your natural lip color, it might look more purple on dark lips.

Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss

Shade names are printed on one side of the box. For your convenience, here is a first impression of each shade based on the testers and the ones that I own*. If anyone's wondering what the LKP stands for, my wild guess is that it could stand for 'Lipgloss Kiss Proof'. You might notice that LKP-03LKP-04, and LKP-08 were missing... Anyare???
  • LKP-01 (Magenta*) - A deep purplish-pink shade.
  • LKP-02 (Red Orange) - Red with a hint of orange.
  • LKP-03 - ???
  • LKP-04 - ???
  • LKP-05 (Chocolate Brown) - A very deep chocolate-brown shade.
  • LKP-06 (Nude) - A pinkish nude shade.
  • LKP-07 (Prune) - A raisin shade, or a purple with some brown in it.
  • LKP-08 - ???
  • LKP-09 (Rose Pink*) - A bright warm red.
  • LKP-10 (Orange) - As in... ORANGE talaga!

What I do:
  • Exfoliate lips before application
  • Never apply lip balm for maximum matte
  • Use a lip brush or lip pencil to make the edges perfect
  • Use cotton buds moistened with oil or makeup remover in case of mistake
  • Enjoy a perfect pout and forget about it for the rest of the day
Why you should have this:
  • Super matte finish (use lip balm if you find it drying)
  • Kiss-proof, smear-proof
  • Does not crack or peel off
  • Super opaque and bold shades
  • Considering its quality, a 299 Pesos price tag makes it a great bargain!
Areas for improvement:
  • Please help us to remember the shade names by printing them on the label at the bottom of the tube. Thanks JC! ♥


It might be a matter of preference or tolerance, but to me Jazzy Kiss Proof Lip Gloss is J'ADORE!!! This is the perfect go-to matte lipstick, more matte than any other matte lipstick I've tried before. PERFEKT! Sometimes I find that it takes me 5 minutes to get the perfect shape even with a lip brush given that it dries quickly and it's easy to make a mistake. But every minute and Peso I spent on this product is 100% worth it. Aside from the matte texture, the very bold colors really pop-out and scream 'Look at meeeeeeee!'. Which shades do you love or have in your wishlist? Any plans to buy? Share naman on the comment box below! ;)

Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss
Nude (LKP-06)

Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss
Red Orange (LKP-02)

Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss - Rose Pink (LKP-09).
Super heavy duty lip color... I'm game, are you ready?
Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss - Rose Pink (LKP-09).
Jazzy Collection Kiss Proof Lip Gloss - Magenta (LKP-01).
What's inside the box??? +Garnier Philippines


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