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Chicharon Bituka w/ recipe (Deep Fried Chicken/Pork/Beef Intestine)

Average Retail Price:
42 Pesos for 50 grams (Minimum volume)

Nutty to pungent

Where to find in Manila:
Malls, La Loma District, other areas

"Chicharon Bituka are deep fried pig or cow intestine prepared similar to that of Chicharones or Pork Cracklings (Pork Rinds). This dish is usually served as an appetizer or “pulutan” and is best when accompanied with beer. Another popular chicharon intestine is the Chicharon Bulaklak."

From left to right: chicken, pork, pork large intestine

Depending on the batch and seller, it could vary from being crispy with a clean nutty taste to pungently greasy. I live near Retiro (NS Amoranto Road) and there's a seller near Mayon Avenue which sells this with a refreshing kick of gingery flavor. In addition, there is also the chicharon bulaklak, which is made of the large intestines and tastes just as good. 

How it's consumed:
Can be consumed alone (dipped with vinegar), as viand with rice, or as filler meal for a drinking spree. It's also great with peanuts and dilis which are usually also sold by sellers.

Where to purchase:
Sellers abound in malls and other areas like in the La Loma District (NS Amoranto corner Blumentritt) in Quezon City, famed as a Lechon district. Some of the mall sellers include: Peanut World, Lapid's, Crave and In A Nutshell.

Personal Experience:
My first encounter of this was back in 1989. It's still stuck in my mind how my cousin used to tease me because I was so grossed out by its texture, and thinking it was 'lamang loob'. My cousins used to take home a kilogram full of it for 350 Pesos (that was back then... now it's more or less 1,000 per kilo!).

After heating it in the microwave, a nice nutty scent actually permeated the place and drew my curiosity. I was really grossed out, and you know as kids sometimes we're afraid to try unfamiliar flavors. But as soon as mustering enough courage to take a nibble, my curiosity became a craving and eventually became an addiction. 

It's nice to have this as snack or as finger food when drinking alcoholic beverage. For me, this goes best with a strong full-flavored tea. What are your thoughts about this? Please feel free to post a comment below, but before that, here's a recipe you might find useful...

Still a student back then...

How to cook: (Courtesy of
  1. Pour the water in a large pot and bring to a boil
  2. Add 2 tbsp salt and vinegar then let boil for another 2 minutes
  3. Place the intestine in the pot and wait until the liquid re-boils
  4. Put-in the dried bay leaves and whole pepper corn then simmer for 40 minutes or until intestine is tender.
  5. Remove the intestine from the pot then drain excess water
  6. Cut the intestine according to desired length.
  7. Sprinkle the remaining salt over the intestine. Make sure that it is evenly distributed over all the intestines.
  8. In a separate pot/pan, pour the oil and heat until the temperature is good for frying
  9. Deep fry the intestines. Make sure that the texture is crunchy before removing from the pot/pan
  10. Serve with vinegar and chili pepper dip. Share and Enjoy!

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