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NICHIDO High Definition Lipstick

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Rattus likes this: 9/10
SPF: none
Scent: Vanilla
Texture: Satin
Moisture: 9/10
Long lasting: 10/10
Pigment: 10/10 (Very pigmented)
Product Info:
New product release on November 2012

Available in 8 shades:
Reds – Rouge Blossom, Glam Red, Love Potion*
Pinks – Fetish Pink, Passion Fruit*, Dolly Pink*, Pretty Tulip
Coral – Tropical Coral*
(Shades indicated with *asterisk* contain shimmer)

Retail: PhP 198.00
Net Weight: 4 g
Made in Philippines

In my opinion…

Place Bought: Watsons Tutuban (Purchased January 2, 2013)

Customer Experience: This haul together with the Nichido Matte Lipstick. While browsing the Matte Lippies, I noticed these new products placed right beside. I checked out the label and found out it’s a new product. Since it was new, it made me very curious. But which shade! Fetish Pink was the first to catch my eye, because it was the brightest shade, with the name ‘Nicki Minaj’ creeping into my mind. 

Packaging: (10/10) Take a closer look at the black casing and you’ll see embossed text written all over. It also has a removable lip gloss at the end of its cap. As for the scent, an irresistible creamy vanilla scent.

Consistency: (9/10) It has a very creamy consistency thanks to Jojoba Oil, but what sets it apart from creamy lipstick is the lasting power and that it stays in place. However, I noticed that it does settle into the cracks of my lips… not obvious unless you take a close-up look.

Shade: (9/10) This lippie has a shade range covering reds, pinks, and corals… I wish they’d also produce nudes and plums. Fetish Pink is a hot neon pink with blue undertone. You get baby pink with one swipe of this lippie; with several layers, you can make it a neon pink. 

Performance: (10/10) It’s super long lasting. Yes dear, eat and drink all you want… and still have peace of mind throughout the day, because the tint sticks like tatoo.

This is what my lips look like after wiping off the lipstick several times... still very vibrant!

  • Price-quality combination
  • Cute design
  • Long lasting like tatoo
  • Not drying
  • Very pigmented
  • Balanced shade range

Areas for improvement
  • Accentuates the cracks on the lips


I’m undecided which shade to get next time, since they all look great. (I will avoid Tropical Coral). The good thing is that the price is affordable enough for me to be able to get several shades on separate occasions.

I hope they’d be able to produce nudes, plums and unusual shades in the future. Grab one now, highly recommend! Standing ovation! Brava!

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  1. I've been wanting Fetish Pink since the first time I saw it! Will grab a tube when I get the chance! :D

  2. I love Fetish Pink and will try some other shades in the future, thanks for dropping by Janine =)

  3. kaka hoard ko lang ng sophie lippies~
    thats work on me.especially the fantastic red you should try stains on my lips din~
    i saw your blog thru maggie :))

  4. Wow! Thanks Jenny. I just checked out the lippies, 79 Pesos only! Will include them in my wishlist =)

  5. Wow that's very affordable lipstick, I haven't tried Nichido yet, hope to review one soon ^_^

    Exploring around and I saw your blog. Nice blog and contents, very practical vanity.

    Glenn of Gencified :)

  6. Hi Lady Rattus! May masa-suggest ka ba na affordable lipstick na barbie-ish pink ang shade? Thanks!

  7. Hello Labrinthe, I know some affordable lippies that carry barbie pink: Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick Pink Flame, San San, and Shawill.


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