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Rattus likes this: 8/10
SPF: none 
Scent: alcoholic mint 
Texture: lip gloss 
Moisture: 10/10
Long lasting: 10/10
Pigment: 1/10
Product Info: 
Net Weight: 1 g / 0.035 oz. 
Made in China 

In my opinion…

This item was given to me by my friend and may not be available here in the Philippines. This product is from Beauty Concepts, a UK based company.

It’s ultra sheer and moisturizing on the lips without the oily feel or drooling lips look. I’m glad the glitter doesn’t show up on my lips because I have zero tolerance for messy glitter. Color is ultra sheer and I’m loving it! It does have an alcoholic scent and feels warm on the lips so this is a red flag for me.

Makeup is fun!!
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