Saturday, April 28, 2012

KOKURYU Summer Cake

Orange Blush

Love Factor: 4/5
SPF: None 
Scent: Cherry 
Long lasting: 4/5
Coverage: Full 
Product Claims: 
"Powder, foundation and moisturizer, all in one!" Kokuryu Summer Cake is a unique beauty formula in cake form. Designed to make you more attractive by covering freckles and skin blemishes. The natural look... stays immaculate despite hours of sunshine and moisture."

PhP 99.00 (Regular Summer Cake)
PhP 135.00 (Super Summer Cake)

Shade range:
Amber Rose, Jade, Olive Rose, Orange blush,
Russet, Summer Tan, Sunset Tan, Puggy Pink

Volume: 25g/50g
Made in the Philippines (Cherry Laboratory, Inc.) 

for an analysis of its ingredients

Kokuryu Summer Cake is very popular with makeup artists here in the Philippines. The packaging is very simple and looks very classic, plus the light cherry scent is a love factor for me. I bought several shades on different occasions because I wasn't really sure which would suit me best. It seems that Orange Blush was the best match for me.

This cake foundation looks great in air conditioned room or when you're just staying in one place all day. But for traveling or commuting under the hot afternoon, I find that it literally melts and creates an embarrassing finish. 

UPDATED January 2013: I bought my second Orange Blush already. This time, I noticed that they finally included the full expiration date on the box. Thanks Kokuryu!

Orange Blush, Summer Tan, Russet

NGEK! I look sunburned here...
Great for morena skin tone

With its pinkish tone, it just doesn't look right on me...

With my sis, that's me on the right! I'm wearing...
Kokuryu Summer Cake - Orange Blush
Fashion 21 Duo Blush #4
FS Classic Lipstick - Tulip (my sis is wearing Orchid)

Box scan 2012... see the expiration date

Box scan 2013... they finally indicated to full expiration date!

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