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REVIEW: Ever Bilena Pro Lip Liner

Product Info
Love Factor: 3/5
Retail: PhP 60.00 

Available colors: 
Nude, Red, Chestnut, Cork, BBQ, Brick 

Made in China 

I purchased this product on November 2011, and this was one of the first items I have reviewed for my blog. This pencil has swatches painted on its end so you can easily see the shades. The formula has just the right amount of creaminess so it doesn't feel like I'm etching something onto my lips.

There are 6 shades available. The only down here is that I noticed the shades almost look the same and alot of them look like deep red. You can't tell the difference very much. But as for the one that I have (Nude), it's a beautiful chocolate nude shade that goes well with any nude lipstick. 

I'm not prone to having breakout or itchiness when using makeup, but it occasionally felt very itchy. Fortunately, EB has a new version of this (released 2013) with better color selection, creamier feel and non-irritating.

The shade is NUDE


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