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SAN SAN Matte Finish Liquid Foundation

Rattus likes this: 6/10
SPF: none
Scent: buttery vanilla
Moisture: 5/10
Long lasting: 10/10
Coverage: Full
Blemish correction: 9/10
Product Claims: 

"Matte finish with Vitamins A, C & E"

Available shades:
#1 (Jade), #2 (Light Beige), #3 (Tan), #4 (Peach)
**Descriptions enclosed in parenthesis are my own. I’m using #3.**

Retail Price: PhP 132.00
Volume: 1.04 fl. Oz. (30mL)
Exclusively available at HBC (Click here)
Made in P.R.O.C. (China)

for an analysis of its ingredients

In my opinion…

Place Bought/Customer Experience: I bought all three shades from HBC in Tutuban. The staff were very friendly and accommodating whenever I visit that branch. It was on a year-end-sale by November 2011, when I was just beginning to write reviews on makeup. By the way, this is my first ever makeup review, and has been updated since.

Bottle: (8/10) Cute bottle with frosted coating that resembles nail polish bottle. It also comes with a spatula. The only con is that it's difficult, even with the spatula to reach every drop once you reach 25% below. Turning the bottle upside down doesn't help much either.

This foundation has a light buttery vanilla scent to it, but sometimes it does smell like 'old trapped rain water'. 

Consistency: (6/10) It's silicone based, which makes it waterproof. Silicone foundations hold moisture well, and is great for normal to dry skin type. Oily skin type like mine should avoid this. It initially feels greasy but easily becomes matte over the skin. It looks even smoother when finished with loose or pressed powder. The finish here is kinda thick, so foundation day ang look ko dito, but it works when I need to go around places and need something to last.

Skin: (7/10) No skin problems have occurred during my long term use. My bessie, also oily skin type, however, complained that it felt hot on her skin, and some zits broke out. Maybe it's just a matter of who is 'hiyang'. Just remember to wash it off or remove your makeup at the end of the day to avoid skin problems. 

Shade: (4/10) It gives full coverage that lasts all day, but my great dislike for this product is the shade. #2 was too light... #3 was the best match for me but still too dark... #4 is a reddish tan shade that does not suit me at all.

Well, it's kinda impractical if the solution here is to blend two shades. Because: 1) You have to buy 2 products; 2) It takes double the time to blend. It's not solution, it's only adding to the problem. And what if I just stop using this product altogether for another one that works?

Performance: (10/10) Very long lasting, non-streaking, non-smudging matte finish foundation. But I cannot say that it's 100% non-comodogenic. Fortunately, it stays in place all day and doesn't need much retouching.


The REAL inconvenience at all, is finding any HBC branch nearby and the shades. If you're already at the mall and you thought of purchasing HBC items, you have to go to another place, that's what I meant. I've already collected three shades. Thanks for the SALE and this wonderful product, but I will not repurchase.


February 5, 2012. It was my friend's wedding day. I #3 for this occasion and take a look below. Retouched only once for the whole day (with San San Age Defense Pressed Powder)... and still looking fresh!

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