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JOHNSON’S Baby Powder in Pink Blossoms

johnson's baby powder in pink blossoms
With my old rat Reggie in the scene.

Awesomeness: 4/5
SPF: None 
Scent: Flowery
Oil control: 3/5
Long lasting: 3/5
Coverage: Sheer

Retail: PhP 19.00 
Ingredients: Talc, Fragrance
Volume: 50 g 
Made in the Philippines 

“Using technology to create a unique blend of floral scents, it has a new long-lasting fragrance that stays on skin. Leaves you and baby smelling fresh and fragrant longer than ever. Use under adult supervision. Keep powder away from children’s eyes, nose and mouth.” 

This is where alot of us start off with before switching over to compact powder. Why? It's a household item that's easily accessible and can also be used with other parts of the body. Especially when we need to feel fresh and free from sweat.

Later on, I don't find it practical for use on the face anymore because it's messy and the powder could be accidentally inhaled. The good thing about this is the flowery scent and it's very pure as it is free from chemicals that makeup companies load in their pressed powders. Not even a trace of preservative!

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